Belarusian Protest Leader Destroyed Passport To Prevent Deportation – Interfax Ukraine

Famous Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova destroyed her passport to obstructing an effort to deport her to neighbouring Ukraine, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reported.

Maria Kolesnikova in front of the security forces blocking protestors from reaching the Presidential Palace in the capital Minsk, Belarus on 30 August, 2020. Photo: AFP / Marina Serebryakova / Anadolu Agency

Deputy Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko stated on Facebook that Kolesnikova that had been missing out on for the past 24 hrs had successfully avoided “a forcible expulsion from her native country”.

The fate of Kolesnikova, a crucial figure in weeks of mass objections over the challenged re-election of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, had been a mystery because fans stated she was seized in the street by concealed males in the resources Minsk on Monday.

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“Maria Kolesnikova was unable to be deported from Belarus as this brave female took actions to stop her(self) from (being) moving across the border. She stayed on the area of the Republic of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko is personally responsible for her life as well as health and wellness,” Gerashchenko stated.

Interfax Ukraine priced quote a resource as claiming that Kolesnikova had wrecked her key to ensuring that Ukrainian border authorities would undoubtedly be unable to allow her to go across.

Kolesnikova’s current location was vague. Two various other resistance numbers that had gone missing out on around the same time as she did, nevertheless, go into Ukraine in the early hrs of Tuesday morning, the Ukrainian border service said.

“Kolesnikova has currently been detained; I can not state concretely where she is. However she has been apprehended,” Anton Bychkovsky, a representative of the Belarusian boundary solution, informed Reuters by phone.

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“She was detained about the situations under which they (the team) left the area of Belarus,” he said.

Numerous prominent opposition leaders have been arrested or forced to flee Belarus given that last month’s election after Lukashenko launched a suppression by the security forces to keep his 26-year grip on power in the previous Soviet republic.

Kolesnikova, a participant of the resistance control council, was the last of three women political leaders left in Belarus who signed up with forces before the 9 August election to attempt to challenge him.

A vocal movie critic of Lukashenko, she has played a vital function in weeks of mass demonstrations and strikes by militants that charge Lukashenko of rigging his re-election.

Lukashenko, who delights in Russia’s support, refutes that allegation and has accused foreign powers of trying to fall him in a revolution. He has reacted with a suppression which some those detained claim includes torture as well as whippings.

Kolesnikova, in an interview with Reuters last month, gotten in touch with the West not to recognise him as head of state and stated his regulation was falling apart.


RNZ, Reuters

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