Chrissy Teigen Released a Public Statement Expressing Her Grief Over the Loss of Her Son Jack

Chrissy Teigen Released a Public Statement Expressing Her Grief Over the Loss of Her Son Jack

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Chrissy Teigen’s Essay posted on Medium reveals the actor’s statements on her pregnancy loss and how she has been dealing with the sorrow.

Chrissy Teigen earlier released a public statement expressing her grief over the loss of her son Jack. Chrissy Teigen, on Medium, spoke extensively about her loss and how she has been dealing with everything around her. The model also shared her response on social media. Chrissy’s essay revealed that the model has been dealing with partial placenta abruption. She further elaborated on this point saying that she knew she always had placenta problems and thus they tried to deliver Miles a month early as his stomach wasn’t getting food from her placenta.

Chrissy Teigen’s Medium Essay Reveals Her Raw Emotions and Deep Sorrow

Having said that, Teigen mentioned that it was the first time she dealt with abruption despite monitoring it very closely and hoping for it to heal and stop. Chrissy Teigen’s essay also revealed the fact that she suffered heavy bleeding when she spent time at the hospital. She added that she was needed to go to the hospital immediately when she continued bleeding. Eventually, Chrissy stated, there wasn’t enough fluid around Jack. Chrissy Teigen on Medium confessed that after a couple of nights, the doctors told her that the child may not survive. Teigen said that she knew that something like this was coming and thus tried to stay prepared for it.

She then with a heavy heart convinced herself that it was time to say goodbye as she knew Jack would not be able to survive. However, if they decided to prolong the process, it would complicate things and cause a threat to Chrissy Teigen’s life as well. On September 30, the couple announced publically that they have lost their child with a couple of heart-breaking images. Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy loss photos on her Instagram showed the model seated on the hospital bed crying her heart out upon receiving the sad news. Fans expressed their condolences and wrote how shocked they were upon hearing the news. Chrissy Teigen’s Medium essay also revealed that it was Chrissy who told John Legend and her mom to take those photographs. She added that despite knowing how uncomfortable it was, she wanted to remember the moment forever.

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Amid this, Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy loss photos received a certain amount of criticism and thus the model responded to those with a highlighted text in the essay. She mentioned that she cannot express how less she cares about the hate her photos received. She sternly added that it was not something they would do but she still had to live through it and that it was her choice to do it more than anything else. Teigen then went forward and thanked the well-wishers who have been a constant support to her during the time of hardships that she faced.

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