8 Deadliest Insects on Earth (That Can Kill you!)

The world is a dangerous place full of very dangerous creatures.

But if you think that only the biggest creatures are out to get to you then you’d be wrong.

In fact,

Some of the most dangerous and deadly creatures are tiny insects and if you read this article, you may even see some in your own house.

After all every year nearly a million (975,671) people passed away due to insects.

Today we’re going to talk about the deadliest insects on earth.

#1. Giant Japanese Hornet

Giant Japanese Hornet

The Giant Japanese Hornet is one of the scariest bugs in the world.

If you think these only found in Japan, then you’d be wrong.

Asian Hornets have actually gone to almost every continent on Earth including Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

They’re actually not that aggressive if you leave them alone.

But if you provoke them even by accident, they will sting you.

Inside their sting is a deadly venom, this can attack your nervous system and take you out with just one sting.

This thing is up to 10 millimeters long and the venom it puts into you is very bad smelling.

You can identify them as having a velvety dark brown mid-body.

They also have a black head and an orange or yellow face. these are often seen in the autumn and are attracted by live insects, not sweet foods like bees or wasps.

#2. Bot Fly

Bot Fly

This isn’t some kind of black mirror style Bot Fly out to kill you. Instead, bot flies are usually transmitted via mosquitoes or ticks.

A mosquito or a tick may land on you and drop one of these BOTS flies onto you, this bot fly then grows into your skin and infects you.

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Flies also carry with them life-threatening parasites, so do not leave them on you and make sure to shower every day to make sure they’re not crawling into your skin.

Flies are found all over the world, but the most common in the USA except Alaska, southern Canada, and northeastern Mexico.

So don’t forget that mosquito spray. It may just save your life.

#3. Puss Caterpillar

Puss Caterpillar

Do you dislike furry insects?

Yeah me too!

Well, if that’s the case then you will not like puss caterpillars because they’re named after cats.

In fact,

It even looks like a cuddly kitten you may want to pet, but if your skin touches the spikes of this caterpillar then a powerful venom will be released into you.

This will cause your extreme pain and numbness wherever the venom went in.

You’ll also have chest pain and difficulty breathing like you’re having a heart attack.

This sting typically lasts around two to three hours, but if not treated they could last for a day or two and sometimes they even may take your life.

They’re often spotted in the USA, in Florida’s Bay Area, and if you get stung by one of these things then you need to immediately remove the hair or spikes from your skin. and then see a doctor immediately.

#4. Assassin Bugs

Assassin Bug

Assassin Bugs‘, what a friendly name.

Well, these bugs do as they say on the tin, assassinate you.

They’re usually found in poor areas of the USA, and they can infect humans with Chagas disease among other diseases.

Their prey is humans, from which they suck blood.

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This is why some people even call them vampire or Dracula bugs.

The main scary thing is they carry the tragus disease.

This affects 7 million people worldwide, mostly in Latin and North America.

Every year 8,000 people pass away from this disease.

#5. Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug

So this bug really does have a friendly and nice name, but what it does is the exact opposite.

Kind of like a really crazy girlfriend seems nice at first but does not last in 2020.

A girl from Delaware USA was bitten on the face by one of these kissing bugs, and this then gave her Chagas disease.

So basically the same thing that assassin bugs do, but with a nicer name.

Other symptoms of getting bitten by this bug include fever and headaches.

You can also spot them clearly as they have orange and black stripes around the side of their bodies.

#6. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant

Bullet ants can be as dangerous as a real-life bullet.

They are the largest ants in the entire world, and they’re mostly found in rainforests.

They’re also found in countries like Nicaragua and Paraguay.

The reason why they have their name (Bullet) is due to their painful sting. After you’re stung by one of these, it feels like you’ve been shot.

Bullet ant stings are 30 times more painful than a wasp or bee sting.

Locals in these countries actually call these ants 24-hour ants, that’s because the pain from one of these stings can last for a full 24 hours.

But how do people pass away due to these bugs?

Will you see bullet ants are usually found in colonies which contain hundreds of ants.

If you’re bitten by enough of these, this can take your life.

Bullet ants also release an unpleasant odor whenever they bite you, the point of that is to make any predators run away, but if they don’t then they take them out with their powerful sting.

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#7. Albino Spider

Albino Spider

In 2011 a spider was found by scientists in Australia, despite them being from Australia, they were even shocked!

One scientist named Mark Harvey said he nearly fell over when he saw its white head.

These spiders can easily be spotted by their white fur and red eyes.

So far they’ve only been found in Australia, the home at 4 scary animals.

However, these spiders do have venom glands that can bite you but because these spiders are so rare, there are no reports of them actually taking anyone out yet.

But You never know!

So if you’re Australian steer clear of any albino spiders you may see.

#8. Tesetse Fly

Tesetse Fly

Have you heard of sleeping sickness?

Well, the sickness is caused by Tesetse flies.

The sickness, which is spread by these flies began in Africa and if not treated immediately, it can be fatal.

The reason why this can happen is that these flies carry a chemical called trypanosome.

This is a chemical they get from feeding off the blood of animals, and it can be very dangerous to humans.

So if you ever see one of these big fat flies, then squash it immediately.

Final Words

Now it’s time to make your opinion heard.

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