Doctors Pull Out 4-feet-long Snake From Woman’s Mouth [Scary Video]

A scary video of a doctor pulling out a snake of a woman’s mouth recently surfaced on the internet.

Screenshot from video shared by @ngoziclara on Twitter

Horrifying footage recently surfaced on the internet in which a 4ft-long snake is being removed from a woman’s body through her mouth. Yes, you read that right.

The snake had slithered inside her mouth while she slept in the yard of her home in Levashi village in Dagestan. And honestly, this is the stuff of nightmares.

According to Daily Mail, the woman was feeling unwell because of which she was immediately rushed to a hospital and put under an anaesthetic.

The news went viral after the video of a doctor pulling out the snake from inside her body surfaced on the internet.

Watch The Video:

The clip shows a doctor wearing gloves removing the snake by inserting a tube inside the woman’s mouth. A female medic can be seen grabbing the snake with a horrified expression on her face as the reptile gets pulled from the woman’s mouth.

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After the woman pulls out the reptile, she can be seen dropping it into a bucket. The medical professionals standing in the room can be heard exclaiming in surprise and screaming.

We have never heard of anything like this before.

Source: Twitter | IndiaToday

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