I Would Not Trust Trump Alone On Coronavirus Vaccine: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris (Democratic Vice Presidential nominee) on Saturday (local time) said that she would not trust Donald Trump alone on a coronavirus vaccine adding that it would have to be a “credible source” that talks about “the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he is talking about”.

Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris(Reuters photo)

In an interview with CNN, Harris said that it was “going to be an issue for all of us” to get a vaccine that was approved and distributed before the presidential elections.

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump, and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he is talking about. I would not take his word,” CNN reported quoting Harris.

The California Senator further said that public health experts would be “suppressed, sidelined” concerning getting the last word on the efficacy of the vaccine.

“If past is the prologue that they will not, they will be muzzled, they will be suppressed, they will be sidelined because he is looking at an election coming up in less than 60 days and he is grasping to get whatever he can to pretend Trump has been a leader on this issue when he is not.”

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As per the latest update, the US has a total of 6,232,889 Covid-19 cases and 188,252 deaths due to the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Presidential elections are scheduled to be held on November 3.

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Source: Hindustan Times

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