Microsoft Releases Deepfake Detection Tool Ahead of Election

“Microsoft Video Authenticator” examines videos and photographs and supplies a score indicating that the possibility they’re manipulated, the business said.

Source: Microsoft

Another new Microsoft tool, also announced Tuesday, enables video founders to certify that their content is authentic and communicate to internet audiences that deepfake technology has not been used, according to a Microsoft certificate that’s”a high level of precision,” the article said. Viewers can access this feature by means of a browser expansion.

Deepfakes utilize artificial intelligence to change audio or videos to generate someone seem to say or do something they did not.

Microsoft’s tool intends to identify videos which were changed using AI, according to a Tuesday blog article by the business.

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The electronic tool operates by discovering features which are particular to deepfakes but which aren’t necessarily evident to people considering them.

These attributes –“which may not be detectable to the human eye” — comprise subtle fading along with how boundaries between the fake and real substances mix together in modified footage.

The tool will be available to media and political organizations”involved with the democratic process,” according to the organization.

Microsoft Corp. is releasing new technologies to combat”deepfakes” which may be used to distribute false information before the U.S. election.

“This is going to be a long-lasting attempt, but we expect to have a direct effect in the lead-up to November,” he explained in a statement.

The AI technology utilized to create bogus videos may always learn and improve, which makes it”inevitable that they’ll conquer traditional detection technologies,” in accordance with this site.

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“But in the brief run, like the forthcoming U.S. election, progress detection technology can be a beneficial instrument to assist discerning users identify deepfakes.”

Source: YahooNews

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