9 Scariest and Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

In a world with robots, space flights on the internet, it’s easy to forget how hard it is to get through certain parts of our planet.

So to cross rivers, and frightening mountain gorges, people build bridges.

But these constructions aren’t always safe, they are fragile, swaying from any wind, and seemed to be trying to throw people off at any second.

So what do they look like?

The most dangerous bridges on the planet, we’re about to know.

Let’s get it on.

#1. The Husseini Hanging Bridge

The Husseini Hanging Bridge

The Husseini hanging bridge known as the most dangerous bridge in the world is just one of many dangerous bridges in northern Pakistan.

It was designed to cross the river, and the current bridge is the second one.

The fact is that the area is characterized by windy weather and therefore the first bridge made of thin ropes and boards was almost completely destroyed.

Its surviving elements can still be seen near the bridge, which only adds excitement to the tourists.

Not so long ago the crossing was restored, and now you can at least walk along with it without fear if of course, you have a good sense of balance.

The gaps between the boards are so large that an adult can easily fall there.

#2. Q’Eswachaka


Q’Eswachaka this strange name means rope bridge, but you have no idea how ropee it is.

Q’Eswachaka is one of the last Inca ropeways, and it’s almost 38 meters long, is located above the canyon of the appear Mac River.

The strange bridge is existed for about 500 years and is made only of grass that was previously subjected to special treatment.

This grass crossing is still working, despite the fact that there’s a modern bridge nearby.

The inhabitants of the region maintain ancient traditions and skills each June renewing the ancient structure.

Once this work was a form of tax people were forced to rebuild the bridge, but today the local people work exclusively on a voluntary basis.

They say that everything is for the sake of the ancestors’ memory.

#3. Ai Petri Bridge

Ai Petri Bridge

AI Petri is a rock located in the Crimean mountains, as part of the Ai-Petri island massive.

The heights of the rock reach 1234 meters and here, so high above the ground there’s a bridge.

The suspension bridge over the abyss of Ai Petri is a landmark, that allows you to get a loss of emotions, feel the colossal outburst of adrenaline, and perhaps to overcome the fear of heights forever or vice versa to get a couple of phobias.

Not everyone is ready to walk over this bridge.

Though the construction is executed with the observance of all requirements and with the strongest materials.

Everyone who steps on the bridge is guaranteed complete safety, but it’s difficult to believe it.

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The bridge itself consists of two spans with a total length of 45 meters.

The first part of it isn’t that steep, it’s called a Training Bridge.

The second part known as The Road to The Sky, it’s a slope upwards and despite all the security measures, it’s not easy to pass this segment.

All these subtle planks, fragile railings, you know we’d better wait down below. 😏

#4. The Titlis Cliff Walk

The Titlis Cliff Walk

The Swiss ski resort of Engelberg has the highest suspension bridge in the world.

Heatless cliff walks overhanging the abyss is an engineering miracle built at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level.

The bridge was named after the titlist mountains.

One of the first places in the world where the chairlift was opened.

It happened in 1913, the steel crossing was built to the centenary of the cable car.

The opening ceremony took place in December 2012, and as one might expect the weather at this altitude was quite picky.

A snowstorm broke out on the day of the official opening and as a result of which high-ranking officials from 15 countries could see just a couple of meters of the bridge.

Also because of the weather, it took 5 months to complete the bridge, much longer than planned.

Most of the material used in the construction was transported by cable cars, and large areas of the bridge were delivered by helicopter.

As a result, the construction received quite interesting parameters, 98 meters in length and less than a meets room width.

It would seem that such a bridge should move like a light curtain in such a severe mounting wind.

However, the entire structure was designed to withstand winds that reach 190 km/h, as well as significant snowfall, it’s not a joke either.

Fragile and almost weightless at first glance, the bridge can withstand 450 tons.

The Titlis’ cliff walk is likely to become one of the biggest attractions in the near future.

In the first two weeks alone, about 500 people visited the bridge.

On a clear day, it offers stunning views of the glittering mountain peaks.

By the way, the media have repeatedly called the Titlis cliff walk the most terrible bridge in the world.

However, a representative of the local ski resort claims that the building is 100% safe, and assures that it’s really impossible to fall off the bridge.

#5. Trift Bridge

Trift Bridge

Unlike many other dangerous structures we’ve already mentioned, the Trift bridge located in the Swiss canton of Bern was built relatively recently.

In 2004, One of the major energy companies was working on the trip Glacia, at which time the bridge the same name was built.

Five years later the bridge was renovated for the first time and supplemented with new steel stabilizing ropes.

Initially one of the main problems was the huge mobility.

The wind was swaying heavily, making the bridge a deadly event for even the most stable people.

By the way, such fortifications didn’t even help, even today the bridge still has this dangerous feature.

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Nevertheless, the place is open to the public and everyone can risk their lives on the Trift bridge.

The threats not far-fetched, the length of the bridge is 170 meters and its height is 100 meters.

It’s not surprising that you’re only allowed to cross it in calm windless weather.

#6. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Located in the immediate vicinity of Vancouver, the Capilano bridge is not only considered to be extreme but also one of the most beautiful bridges on the planet.

All because of its location.

It serves to cross the river Capilano, and it’s located in an amazingly beautiful natural area surrounded by evergreen forests.

Once here, you think you’re at a fairy tale, but don’t lose vigilance.

The very first bridge was built in 1889, its design was developed by the Scottish engineer George Grant McCoy.

The bridge which tourists can see today was over much later in 1956.

Its length is 140 meters, the structure is absolutely safe and can withstand the weight of 96 elephants at a time.

Despite the guarantee of complete safety, its crossings still require a lot of guts. Because it’s located as a huge height of 70 meters and shakes during walking.

Even a few seconds on the bridge can cause a dizziness and panic attack if people who are afraid of heights.

In addition, this bridge is private property so you have to pay for a portion of the thrill.

#7. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Walking on the suspension rope bridge Carrick-a-rede is an extreme tourist attraction in Northern Ireland.

Located at an altitude of 30 meters, the bridge connects the mainland with a tiny island.

For a long time according to some reports, 350 years ago fishermen loved this piece of land, all because of the migration of salmon.

In order to make it easier to fish, one had to move to the islets.

The very first bridge, the Carrick-a-rede was a rope bridge, and every year the fisherman had to rebuild it again.

Amazingly! persistent people, a shaky rope bridge was only accessible to the most courageous fishermen who were not afraid of difficulties.

One awkward movement could lead to the loss of balance and cost them their lives because there were rocks and raging seas down below.

To fall off the bridge meant at best to remain disabled, but according to history, over time a dangerous bridge became unnecessary.

Probably there were fewer salmon in these places and everyone forgot about the carrick-a-rede rope bridge.

Until a few years ago, it was the winner of the contest of the most extreme attractions in northern island.

The bridges received a large sum of money for its reconstruction, and today it’s the most popular tourist attraction.

Despite the fact that the construction was seriously strengthened and supplemented with wooden beams, it still remains a very dangerous place.

Some people have crossed the bridge in one direction refused to repeat it and go back, as a result, they had to be taken off the island by boat.

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Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop many people who still want to do it.

In 2018, 4,90,1947 people visited the bridge.

#8. Monkey Bridges

Monkey Bridges

Very unusual crossing facilities are located in the southern part of Vietnam, in different areas of the Mekong Delta.

In appearance, they only remotely remind us of classic bridges that just like sticks were thrown over the river, these are monkey bridges.

Contrary to popular belief that they are suitable only for monkeys crossing.

The bridges have been helping the locals for many years see for yourself.

Such constructions are cheap and quick to build, what else do you need to be happy?

These unusual constructions traditionally use thick bamboo stems that are very slippery, which makes crossing even more difficult.

Then the stems are connected with ropes, there’s some railing but you can’t lean on it anyway.

As the bridges are quite fragile, they’re constantly going to wreck have to be rebuilt and a fragile bridge can collapse at any moment, because of anything from weather conditions to the actions of a person it walks over it.

A further way to pass the monkey bridge, you need to use the most comfortable shoes with rubber soles.

Otherwise, you can easily slip off the thin bamboo stems and then fall directly into the dirty water, where it’s most unfriendly inhabitants wait for you.

#9. Ojuela Bridge

Ojuela Bridge

Last another suspension bridge Ojuela, it’s located in the Mexican state of Durango, in the old whaler gold mine.

More than 100 years have passed since its construction, as it was created in 1898 to facilitate the extraction of minerals.

The bridge was designed by Wilhelm Hildebrand and was built by the John a Roebling sons company of New York City.

In 1991, it was restored and now it’s a tourist attraction.

Its main span is 271.5 meters and the distance between the edges reaches 315.5 meters.

It is said that for many years the Ojuela Bridge remained one of the longest suspension structures in the world.

It was also distinguished by its high strength because developers used steel cables to strengthen the bridge, which was a major innovation for the end of the 19th century.

The workers used the bridge a lot, and when the gold and silver mines ran out, it just became desolate as well as the mine.

Currently, only pedestrians can use the bridge, cars aren’t even allowed to move around here.

No wonder because the woods that still makes up the Ojuela bridge is hardly a solid material.

This ancient wooden construction hanging over an abyss is a favorite place for tourists.

Final Words

If you love the heights then you must visit these bridges.

We hope you like our list. If you know any other dangerous bridges, please leave us a comment down below to let us know.

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