Panda Cubs Enjoy Bathing In Adorable Viral Video Clip: So Cute, States Internet

Panda cubs take pleasure in showering like nothing else, and a video clip that is doing the rounds of the internet appears to explain the statement as mentioned earlier. Susanta Nanda of the Indian Woodland Provider published a 54-second clip of three panda cubs, and also it is incredibly cute.

In the video, their caretaker got in the enclosure with a water dish and a towel and took a seat at one spot. After that, he dipped the cloth in water and cleansed each of the pandas as all of them surrounded him and also awaited their turn.

“Bathing time is one of the most much-loved time for all children,” Susanta Nanda said in his article’s caption.

Watch the video:

Since the clip was provided online, it has been watched over 5,000 times and collected over 600 sorts and several retweets.

“So cute,” a customer said in the remarks section. Several others published heart emoticons.

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