9 Phone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now (Save Battery Life)

Constant low battery, being tracked 24/7, annoying pop-ups, these are all things I’m sure we dislike about our phones.

But did he know all of these problems can be fixed simply by turning off things in settings.

There are some annoying settings on your phone which are automatically turned on.

Some of these settings are very creepy and dangerous and bad for your phone, so turn them OFF right now.

Today we’re going to look at eight phone settings you need to turn off now.

#1. In-app Reviews

In-App Reviews

We’ve all been there; you’ve been using one of your favorite apps when up comes a pop-up.

The pop-up then says, what do you think about this app? Please leave us a review of five stars.

This happens a lot, and it’s very annoying, but there’s a simple way to turn it off, so you never have to leave a review or be prompted to do so.

To turn this off on iPhone, go to settings and go to iTunes and App Store and then make sure to turn the switch in app writings and reviews off.

There’s nothing worse than downloading an app, and before you’ve even got to use it, they’re asking for a five-star review.

Well, now you never have to face that problem ever again.

#2. Limit Ad Tracking

Limit Ad Tracking

In 2020 your data is more valuable than oil or gold.

Every company wants to know all about you, and that’s why you’re always asked for things like cookies when you go to a new website, and when I say cookies, I don’t mean the sweet snack. I mean something that tracks your internet usage.

Well, if you value your privacy, then be sure to change this setting.

Go into your settings and go to privacy and then scroll down to advertising from there you’ll want to turn to limit ad tracking ON, by default this setting is turned OFF.

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But when you turn it ON, it means advertisers cannot track your iPhone when it’s connected to the Internet.

Now you may be saying I don’t care if advertisers do track me, but this will save you a lot of battery life, so it’s worth doing even if you don’t care about privacy.

But when you turn this ON, advertisers won’t get every last detail about every website you go on.

#3. Fetch New Data

Its battery life an issue for your cell phone.

I’m pretty sure that most people wake up with a fully charged phone and then 15 minutes later it’s down to 10%.

You may wonder why your phone’s battery is so bad even when you’re not using your phone.

Well, a lot of it is what’s happening in the background.

To save battery life go to settings and then click on passwords and accounts he suddenly wants to go to fetch new data.

You’ll probably see that most of your accounts are scheduled to purge whenever they have a notification.

But instead, it’s much better to select fetch from there.

You can set up how often you want your iPhone to look for new information like new emails.

Maybe you want your phone to check this every hour and not continuously.

This will mean you’ll get way fewer notifications all the time, and also, you’ll save a lot of battery life.

#4. System Services

System Services

Okay, these are a few basic settings you’re going to need to turn off in your phone, and the reason why is because all of these things in system services drain your phone’s battery.

You’ll want to go to settings, and then system services, turn everything OFF except three things experts recommend that you keep on emergency calls, an SOS Find My iPhone, and share my location.

However, everything else you probably won’t need, but you can use your discretion and customize your phone as you’d like.

Keep in mind, though, that the more these– you turn off, the more battery life you’re going to save.

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#5. iPhone Analytics

IPhone Analytics

Do you want to help a trillion-dollar company known as Apple? No, well, I don’t blame you. You just did by buying their phone.

But when you buy an iPhone, a setting called iPhone analytics is automatically turned ON.

This allows Apple to see precisely how you’re using your phone. This will not only drain your phone’s battery by sending everything you do to Apple, but it’s also a privacy issue as well.

So that’s why you should go into settings privacy and thin analytics from there; you’ll be able to turn off share iPhone analytic.

Now apple won’t be tracking your every move and seeing how you use your phone.

Apple says they use this to improve their products, but I’m pretty sure you’ve held Apple out enough by buying their phone in the first place.

#6. Location Services

Location Services

Do you ever feel like someone’s tracking your every move? Well, if you’re walking with any piece of smart technology, chances are they are.

You’d be surprised how many apps that do not require maps track your location for no reason.

The only reason they do this is to collect data on you and then sell it to other companies and surprise surprise it’s also a significant battery drain.

So it would be best if you went into settings and then privacy you’ll then need to find location services and scroll to system services you’ll see that significant location is turned ON but be sure to turn that OFF.

Apple says this is turned on to deliver advertising to you, so really, it’s just a way for them to make money off your data, so be sure to turn it off as it drains your battery life, and it’s a privacy issue too.

#7. Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh

If you go to this setting, you’ll see that background app refresh is turned on for every app but most apps.

This is pointless and wastes your battery.

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To turn this off, go to settings and then general, then go to background app refresh you’ll then see a list, and you’ll want to select all the ones which you don’t want this feature ON.

For example,

You may want your email and some news apps to continually be updated, but for some apps like games, you won’t want them to continuously update in the background bear in mind that the more of these you turn off, the more battery life you’re going to have.

#8. Product Improvement Data

Product Improvement Data

This is another way that Apple looks at what you’re doing on your phone 24/7 and takes that data.

They say they use this to make their products better, but frankly, this takes up a ton of battery life, and I think they can improve their products by themselves.

Be sure to turn off things like popular near me, rooting in traffic, and improve maps. All of these things don’t directly improve anything for you; instead, it’s just a way for Apple to gain more data all about how you use your phone.

That’s your business, and I think Apple should hire their market research groups. So go into system services and turn off all of these to save a ton of battery life.

#9. iCloud Analytics

ICloud Analytics

So for this one, you’ll want to go back to the same location as where you found iPhone analytics, and you know the drill you’re going to want to turn off this feature.

All it does is collect data as to how you use iCloud, and seeing as iCloud has been hacked many times, I suggest turning this off and maybe not using iCloud at all.

Remember turning this off also affects your battery life positively so it’s good to do.

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