West Wing outbreak grows as Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for the virus.

The coronavirus outbreak in the West Wing continued to spread on Monday, as the White House press secretary and two of her deputies joined the list of aides close to President Trump who tested positive for the virus, heightening fears that more cases are still to come.

Mr. Trump said he would be returning to the White House after having spent three nights in the hospital, even as his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, announced on Twitter that she, too, had tested positive and would be quarantining. Ms. McEnany said she had previously tested negative several times, “including every day since Thursday,” but health experts said she may have been infectious for days — including when she spoke briefly to reporters without a mask outside the White House on Sunday.

Two more members of the press team, Karoline Leavitt and Chad Gilmartin, who is Ms. McEnany’s relative, also tested positive — but learned about their status before Ms. McEnany, according to two people familiar with the diagnoses.

The revelations came amid many unanswered questions about whether Mr. Trump could relocate to the White House without endangering himself and others and suggested that the White House does not have control of the virus.

Vice President Mike Pence, who tested negative on Sunday, was scheduled to travel to Utah ahead of Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate. Mr. Pence also plans to attend campaign events in Arizona and Florida later this week before stopping in his home state of Indiana to vote early.

His doctor said in a statement on Friday that Mr. Pence was not quarantining because, as of that time, he had not been close enough to any individuals known to have Covid-19 for long enough to qualify as “a close contact” at high risk of infection.

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Source NY Times

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